June 23, 2011

These Days

June is a busy month in our family; it is my mom's birthday, my sisters birthday, our wedding anniversary, two cousins, two aunts, and a best friend have birthdays. I have decided to only give DIY cards, and this is one of them.

We have five displaced birds living in the tall grass behind our house, Mama bird is feeding them faithfully and we are hoping the stray cats of the neighbourhood will stay away.

I have mastered the art of bread maker bread!

There has been a lot of painting, and eating art supplies!

Father's Day 2011

I am so greatful for the wonderful father's in my life. My husband has become the father I always knew he could be, I am especially greatful, this year, to have my grand father in my life, and I have a father-in-law who kind and gentle and an amazing role model to my kids and his own.

June 14, 2011

photo of the Month

My favorite two photos the month; you guessed it both of my kidddos!

Kai + Rae

We have been looking after our great friend Rae whild Angela goes to work a few days a week. So far we have played with playdough, done some gardening, gone for lots of wagon rides and in general been darn cute!


beavers is all over for the year. Ian and Adam went together most weeks and I stayed home to put Kai to bed. I think it was good for them to do something together. This year they had a campfire at the ball field in Bible Hill, an indoor campfire, they made crafts and took them to a seniors home where they sang for the residents, the picked up litter at their school, they had an Olympics night, the sold popcorn and apples as a fundraiser, they had a sleepover at St.Davids Hall, they made Mother's Day Crafts, they had Indonesian night, went on a few hikes and more. I am glad Ian has decided to go back next year, I think Scouting can be great for kids, Kai can't wait to be old enough to join!

Quote of the Day

"I saw her penis" refering to a dog.
"Gross, why did you look"
"She's naked, how could I resist?"

June 3, 2011

Where does that leave me?

The last two days I was in Halifax attending a Birthing From Within workshop (more about that later, maybe; I’m still digesting). My wonderful husband played hooky from work to care for our two little monkeys and when I arrived home after a long day of philosophy and sitting in a classroom the floors were clean, the kids were fed and happy, the dishes done and laundry was even put away. My temporary Mr. Mom was all smiles and tales of what a joy our boys were. I should have been pleased; instead it made me wonder “where does that leave me?”
After all the hours and hours of labour it took me to complete my Childbirth Education certification and the class outline I have come to find that there is a definite lack of interest in private childbirth preparation in our community and I have no work lined up. My slow moving career has been bumming my out as of late, so I decided that instead of feeling like a failure I would enjoy the free time with my kiddos! This being said, two little boys (and a third for a few hours a day) can be exhausting and frustrating and nerve frazzling (as well as hilarious and rewarding and elating). Part of me was hoping to come home to a slighlty weary Papa, but after an entire day of the same rambunctious children he was completely composed! I’m not the kind of person who needs to feel like I’m better at things that others but we all need to have a niche in the world, right? These last few days have left me wondering where my foot hold is.